Bazaarvoice WordPress and WooCommerce Integration Setup

I have quite a bit of experience performing Bazaarvoice integration into a WordPress(custom posts articles, product catalog) & WooCommerce setup. I have done this setup for a couple of clients over the last two years. My code is dynamically loaded, following WordPress best practices, onto each page.

Bazaarvoice will supply you with 2x Workbenches.: Staging & Live. My code also consists of two setups. One for staging environment and one for a live environment. Since all customers have a different setup, my code would need to be adjusted for your setup. As with any software, Bazaarvoice update their API code from time-to-time and this would require that I update or adjustments my existing code to be compatible with their system.

Typical Bazaarvoice setup requires the following setup.:

Container Page

This is a generic HTML page on the site to create dedicated submission pages for Bazaarvoice.

Bazaarvoice Transaction Pixel

This method captures the order data on the checkout of WooCommerce and sends it to Bazaarvoice.

Details that are captured by collection the order data is.:

  • Order ID.
  • TAX
  • Customer details.: Email, Address & Shipping Information.
  • The product details, currency, quantity, and totals.

These details are compiled into a JSON object and passed to the BV API.

Product Page

The product page will display the rating summary, reviews & question, and answers. My code is dynamically injected into each WooCommerce single-product page via the WordPress hook system. All Javascript is also loaded dynamically via the correct WordPress hooks, together with other javascript libraries.

On the product-page customer will be able to view & submit their reviews, questions, and answers.

Product Category Page

These are to display inline star ratings of reviews on the product category pages.


The Bazaarvoice SEO SDK delivers the product reviews, question and answered. It is to inject the BV content, from the BV SEO server, directly into the page so that a search engine’s crawlers can collect the physical static data(content), else the search engines crawlers won’t be able to collect the reviews, question and answers content that is displayed via javascript.

Product Feed – XML File

As an extra bonus, I also have an XML product feed generator plugin that can be adjusted for your setup so that you don’t have to manually build an XML file for the product feed that needs to be uploaded to the Bazaarvoice FTP server. This file needs to be generated or created when new products are added or changed on your website.