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Show Random WooCommerce Products from a Category

A custom WooCommerce extension script, called via a shortcode, to show a list of random products from a category. This script was actually created for a client who uses the Avada theme. The Avada theme overrides most of the WooCommerce product display shortcodes with their own library so it makes certain parameters unavailable. This script…

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WordPress Child Theme. Why you need it.

Having a WordPress child theme setup is one of the most important setups on your website, especially if it has WooCommerce installed. It prevents the loss of any custom changes done on your site with the next theme update. How does a child theme work? A child theme is a copy of your parent theme,…

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Hosting, Why we recommend a manage VPS server.

Hosting request is one of the requests that come up with every new estimate that involves a website build, migration or if a site is slow. There is many hosts and many hosting packages to choose from. If you don’t have the technical experience this can become overwhelming quite fast. &nbsp; <h2>What is the best…

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Bazaarvoice WordPress and WooCommerce Integration Setup

I have quite a bit of experience performing Bazaarvoice integration into a WordPress(custom posts articles, product catalog) & WooCommerce setup. I have done this setup for a couple of clients over the last two years. My code is dynamically loaded, following WordPress best practices, onto each page. Bazaarvoice will supply you with 2x Workbenches.: Staging…

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Add a custom variable in a Email or PDF template.

Ever wondered how those {{custom variables}} in email or pdf templates get replaced by a dynamic variable value? Just a quick run-down what a custom variable is. A custom variable is a placeholder where you want to add a username or email address dynamically to a template file or document. You might have noticed these predefined custom…

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WordPress hooks 101

In this article I am going to explain WordPress hooks 101. WordPress hooks are areas inside code made available to you to add functionality or change values without physically changing the original software’s code. Code that is connected by hooks can also be disabled and replace by other code. With the use of hooks your code…

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WordPress or WooCommerce crashed

So your are currently staring at a blank screen / page of death and can’t understand what is going on with WordPress or WooCommerce? Well for starters you did not lose information or any settings. What happened is that WordPress is upset about something, something is causing WordPress to crash.

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