Hosting, Why we recommend a manage VPS server.

Hosting request is one of the requests that come up with every new estimate that involves a website build, migration or if a site is slow. There is many hosts and many hosting packages to choose from. If you don’t have the technical experience this can become overwhelming quite fast.

What is the best hosting environment for WordPress?
Before I can explain what the best environment is for WordPress you first need to understand the “why”. WordPress is a content management system known as a CMS. It is not simple blogging application anymore. It can take on many forms of e-commerce, job board, learning platform with lessons, customer relationship management system. It can talk to other apps and vice-versa, In short, its a platform that manages content, not just blog platform for what it was initially designed for.

WordPress can take on all these forms of add-on modules called plugins. Each plugin these days is a whole application. It requires more resources the more plugins you add to the system. A simple WordPress system these days are loaded with caching-, image optimization-, Security-, content enhancements, SEO plugins. All these require resources else it’s going to suffocate and you will end with a slow unresponsive website.

Shared Hosting(the bad).

  • Shared hosting does not cut it anymore.
  • It is where one of many websites lives on the same server. It could be a hundred to a thousand websites on the same server.
  • All these websites share the same server resources like the CPU, Memory and Hard Drive Space.
  • If some websites are extremely busy it’s going to slow down all the other sites. That is why you will notice that some sites are slower in a given time through the day.
  • If one site gets hacked ALL the other sites on the same server are vulnerable to the same hack.
  • You don’t have control over the server’s software.
  • They all share one single IP address. In other words,,, and point to the same IP address for example.:
  • Shared hosting is slow.

Managed Virtual Private Server or Dedicated.

Managed VPS hosting is not that more expensive. It will always be the better option if you are serious about your website or business. With a VPS server, you have much more freedom as the website will live in its own bubble/environment.

  • It is isolated from other websites.
  • It gets it’s own IP address.
  • <em>You can perform save updates via cloning your site. Making </em>an<em> exact copy with the press of a button to perform safe updates that will not </em>affect<em> your live site.</em>
  • Your website or websites receive their own server resources like the portion of a CPU (1 – 8 cores for example), RAM and Hard drive space.
  • Entry-level managed VPS servers are at least 10x faster than shared hosting.
  • You are not limited to what plugins you can install.
  • It is more secure with its own firewall.
  • You get a free SSL certificate for your server.
  • It comes with server-side caching services like Varnish and Memcache. A server-side caching service will always be faster than a plugin you install for WordPress.
  • You can install other instance in the form of *application on the server. Say you want to build a new site or more sites.
  • It is scalable. As your website or websites grows so can the server be scaled to assign more hardware resources to your web applications?

*Websites lives in isolated containers called Applications on a VPS server. So depending on what VPS server you choose you can have one-to-many applications on the same server. Each containing a website or web application. Each isolated from another. You may ask, but it this not the same as shared hosting? No. It’s because you can control the scalability on the server. You are in control of your own server in the form of a dashboard console.

A dashboard console is a graphical user interface that gives you the control of your server to make adjustments.:

  • Install applications. Website or Application Containers.
  • Clone applications for testing, updates or upgrades.
  • Perform backups and restores.
  • Setup FTP accounts.
  • Setup SSL certificates.
  • Monitor server resources in the form of graphs to easily understand what is going on.
  • Database access to make adjustments.
  • + Many more extras. Each hosting company who offers a manage VPS solution has their own set of extra features that come with the control panel.

A managed VPS server is the way forward in today’s age when it comes to hosting a WordPress site or Web Application. It is not just the speed, but the convenience and flexibility it offers.

If you need more info or need help setting up a VPS solution for you, please get in contact so that we can assist you.