Blog Intervista – Custom WordPress Functionality Setup: blogintervista.it

Create a form of interview questions and space for users answers. + more Additional Tasks was included.


04-2016 – 06-2016

I help the client setup her website with custom requested functionality that was developed for her site.


  • Added custom interview and survey forms that dynamically links up with each article created.
  • Interview and survey Like feature.
  • Custom Development.: Create a dashboard for profiles, on the frontend, so that users can view, edit their profiles & posts they reviewed.
  • Site migration to a VPS server.
  • Domain migration and setup.
  • Styling Adjustments.
  • Social Media Integration.
  • + Many smaller tasks.



  • Consultation.
  • Provided Support.
  • Training.

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Beatrice Negrotto

Very patient! I'm not a pro, he took the time to explain everything. Always ready to change details if needed. Very fast and efficient. I'm really very happy about the work and about the price!

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Beatrice Negrotto

Great job, a lot of patience, as always does something more that what is asked. Thank you very much!

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