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The task involved to convert their existing site from PyroCMS to WordPress CMS. Rebuild the current PyroCMS WordPress site exactly like it was with all functionalities and layouts. – “Design — At this time the client is not looking for a new site design. If possible they would like to maintain the current look and feel, layout, content, and navigation structure of their current website.”

Project Period: 03/2016 – 05/2016


Work performed for this task.:

  • Continued Consultation, to discuss the work.
  • Planning Process.
  • Setup a staging server to perform the development of the new WordPress site.
  • Export all data from PyroCMS and import it back into the new WordPress database as post types.
  • Recreate all page layouts on newly coded templates using the Genesis Theme Framework. A child theme was created for this.
  • Responsive Styling Development for mobile. Added upgrade. The previous PyroCMS site was not developed for mobile.
  • Quality and Assurance Testing.


Additional Note:

With the use of the Genesis theme framework, the new copy would run on a more stable platform that is well supported, more stable, secured, faster and comes with build in SEO benefits.

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Richard Kauffman

Richard has reviewed you with 5 out of 5 stars for your work on the task Email Extract.: "Good news. Reed (our local WP consultant) was able to get the menus working. He also remarked on how "slick" your programming is. Said you did a really nice job. Thank you!"

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