WhatsApp Business

Engage with new potential clients easier. Boost your business and website authority. Add WhatsApp Business to your website. WhatsApp Business is a separate app you install on your mobile. To use an alternative business number sign up for a VOIP (Voice over IP) account from any internet service provider. Else get an additional mobile number.

For South African customers I recommend VOX VOIP (Voice over IP) number @R29 per month, R54 once-off sign-up fee.

After you installed the “WhatsApp Business” app from the application store on your mobile phone follow the setup process. When it asks you to enter a phone number using your VOIP or alternative Mobile number. Then select the phone call verification process for VOIP as some VOIP services do not include SMS capabilities. The WhatsApp server will then call you with a number that you need to enter int the setup process so have a pen and paper ready to write it down.

If you have a WordPress website you can head over to WordPress app page here and pick an app you want to use. I am using the WhatsApp Chat App, but I might use something else next week as I test different solutions to measure their performance and stability. If there is no app solution available for your website, then you can get in contact for me and I can write an app for you.

First of WhatsApp Business is a great app to keep a separation of concerns. I have both apps on idle on my mobile phone. The normal WhatsApp client for personal communication and the WhatsApp Business App to communicate with my clients or new clients coming in via the website.

Nice features I like so far.

All your clients in one managed dashboard. You can tag clients for orders!

  • New customer
  • New Order
  • Pending payment
  • Paid
  • Order Complete
  • ADD your own custom labels!

Broadcast your status to current clients so that they know “what’s up”.Business Description/profiling. Most importantly, set time limits when you are available… works for some, not for me, I am always available, always on standby


It is lightweight and adds mere milliseconds to your websites’ page load. Trust me you will not notice it. I have drift messenger on my other business website and it affects the page loads, but I need it for its purpose. So for speed, it gets two thumbs up for me.

Just one small caveat or it might not be a problem, I don’t see it as an issue. It will ask users on the desktop to use the online chat app and would need to scan the QR code with their WhatsApp app on their mobile. From there you just chat away on your desktop. Note there are official apps you can install on your Mac or Windows desktop. I use it as I don’t always want to grind away at a mobile keyboard.

WhatsApp is great to use for any business? In South Africa, it’s one of the most used chat apps around the country. Thousands of business transactions and not to mentioned personal interaction happens over the WhatsApp network daily. Almost every street has its own neighborhood WhatsApp group. It is so BIG over here that there are even special optional attachments to mobile contracts.