Helping brick & mortar stores plan and launch successful online e-ecommerce platforms.

e-Commerce Online Shop Experience

Over the years I have help customers around the globe launch WooCommerce online e-commerce platforms. I also, provide continued support and maintenance to my existing and new clients. Looking for customization, no problem I can do that too. I know exactly what is involved in performing WooCommerce custom development and always applies WordPress development best practices. There is only one way and that is the right way.

PS. I am a former WooCommerce Support Ninja from WooThemes. Woothemes was the company that developed WooCommerce before Automattic acquired Woothemes. I was also a former WooThemes / WooCommerce affiliated WooWorker.

With thousands of hours logged in doing WooCommerce Support and Custom Development I know the inside and outside of the platform. WooCommerce is an every changing platform with new features and plugins added daily and it takes a certain skill set and experience to get acquainted with all the technologies and options. I know what software extensions go together and what does not, through trial & error over the years.

Apart from developing and creating an experience for you and your customers, I also have a network of brand and marketing experts to assist you to get noted online. E-commerce sites on its own are not going to bring in business by itself and you require market experts to apply the correct market strategies to become a success online. There are no shortcuts.

As a WooCommerce expert developer, I do deliver the full experience to my customers. I apply WordPress best practices to all solutions to make sure you have a solution that continues to deliver and advance your business. In some instances, I am outsourced by my clients to run an e-commerce platform for their business so that they can focus all their uninterrupted attention on growing their business. In today’s world, you can’t do everything on your own anymore. To expand and grow you are going to need more hands on deck to focus on what is important to your business. Let me handle your WooCommerce store, knowing that expert WooCommerce developer is making sure its running butter smooth. Contact Me

WooCommerce Services

WooCommerce Consultation

Tell me a bit more so that I can assist you in making the right decisions from the start. With a consultation session, I can scope out your project. I will, in a very early stage, identify any pitfalls or find better alternative solutions that you might not have even thought about. A consultation session will save you thousands because we both discuss the context of your requirements in detail, instead of waisting funding to only discover later we should have gone with solution B and not solution A.  I want to avoid any risk as far as humanly possible and I want to make sure you get value for your money and have a successful working solution.

WooCommerce Support

Stuck with a problem or don’t know what to do next? I know how to diagnose WooCommerce problems, and will be happy to assist you. I also know how to apply updates safely(without losing data or corrupting your setup) without affecting your live store.

WooCommerce Maintenance

I love performing maintenance jobs because I know how to do it “the right WooCommerce way”, every single time so that my customer experience no downtime. An e-Commerce store is an important extension to your business and requires special care to function flawlessly. I know what to look out for and plan the next update without interrupting any processes.

WooCommerce Platform Setup

I know the best and proper way to implement WooCommerce. Let me handle the technical side of things. I have set up hundreds of shops and I know exactly what formula off software components to use for almost any scenario.

WooCommerce & WooCommerce plugin Development

Each WooCommerce extension is developed for a global marketplace. So no plugin is 100% customized for your business model, it requires adjustment and changes to cater for your business as each business is unique. I love to perform plugin customization that follows good WordPress Development Practices. Plus I will throw in a 30-day warranty which can be extended by a maintenance plan. Yes, even a custom or customized WooCommerce plugin requires ongoing maintenance so that it keeps on working with the latest release of WordPress and WooCommerce.

What is required to run a e-commerce online store?

Ever wonder what really is involved in an e-commerce setup? Have a look at the tip of the iceberg below. Don’t worry this is why I am here for you and I love doing it. I have done this process countless times over and over.

It a big process and allot has to be done. Consultation & Researching to learn your business model, your processes, and your competitors. We are planning to succeed. Remember that 95% off all startups fails(its a very well know fact), because they never thought this through, they never had a plan or backup plan or even a strategy, to begin with. I, however, want you to be an online success and only want you to spend what you need to and not waste any unnecessary money. Lets set those goals together and work towards success. You are going to be fine, strap in, trust me and let me perform my duties because you are going to be in for a ride.

Some of the things that will be discussed in our meetings.:


  • Identify your suppliers.
  • How stock is booked into the system or shipped directly from a supplier.
  • Maybe your suppliers want to sell their own items directly to your customers in your marketplace?

Products & Services

  • The correct way to create a product setup for your product or services. There are many correct and incorrect ways to set up a product.
  • Some of your products or services might require additional options before it can be added to the cart.
  • Hosting events or have resources up for bookings?
  • I am aware that certain services and products have restrictions and need to be set up in a certain way.

Payment Gateways

  • What is the best payment gateways for your business model.
  • What payment gateways will work best for your customers.
  • What issues could arise with certain payment gateways.
  • Security around payments directly on-site and off-site.
  • What solutions to implement if a payment gateway fails.

Shipping Gateways

  • Help you choose the best and effective shipping partners.
  • Configure shipping setups for different product requirements.
  • Region-specific shipping and rules.

Shop Manager Experience

  • Provide training and documentation on how to operate your store.
  • Provide support when you really need it. We like to be there for our clients.
  • Make the whole experience as smooth as possible.

Local Regulations

  • We make sure that customers are not in conflic with the local law.
  • Certain software adjustments are crucial to this step.

Maintenance & Support Plans

  • Ongoing Support for any issues or questions you might have.
  • Maintenance plans to keep that engine running 24/7 at full speed.