Hi, I am a full-stack software developer from Cape Town, South Africa that develops web-apps, mobile-apps, headless CMS apps, custom websites & e-commerce systems. I operate locally (South Africa) & internationally. I constantly invest in further studies to keep my skills up to date. My goal is to keep on improving on every single project and always deliver quality work with almost zero risks to a project. Every project I do is research, planned and gets a risk assessment to test the success of the project.

I have been in the IT sector for the last 19 years. 2001 - 2010 as a network engineer and computer technician. My career as a software developer started in 2011. I completed my C++, C# (C-sharp). Net, PHP & MySQL training via UniSA (University of South Africa) and got distinction in all subjects. Everything else that followed, I spend countless hours yearly learning to gain new skills.

From there onwards, my goal was to take on every single complex project or task that others did not want to do. I always ended up in the deep end. It was a very hard struggle to get on my feet, but it was worth every single moment.

These days, web technologies and coding languages come naturally to me. If I do not understand a problem or concept immediately, I will then research and study to find a working solution no matter what it takes because I have an obligation to my clients to deliver them a working solution every single time. If you run your own business, especially in this industry, you learn quickly that you only get one chance so make sure you do it right. Therefore, some of my clients even after 5 years still return to me for more work.

Customers have always come to me for custom build solutions. I also get outsourced by digital agencies if they require a certain skill or solution. They have trusted me with critical business systems because, according to my clients, they find me trustworthy and I deliver a fine working solution. They also believe that I attempt to be responsive and always available to them.

You are more than welcome to view my customer reviews here and here.

My business is a registered Sole Proprietary Business in South Africa. My quality of work is off the highest standards and comes with a included warranty.

Since 2018 I am focusing on custom developed Single Page Web Applications, Headless CMS solutions, API Integrations & Development and now Native Mobile Applications. So far it has been a great journey for me and I enjoy every single moment of it. The current solutions that I provided to customers so far have been operating very stable without any issues. So my customers enjoy huge savings not suffering any downtime. The skills that I acquired building many, many Websites, some Custom Plugins and e-Commerce solutions have brought immense value to the table. Websites development is not so straight forward anymore and requires a big pool of skills to execute correctly. The reason I can get very familiar and very fast with new technologies, libraries or API’s because the years of debugging or customizing other developers code have acquired me a great skill to understand a concept fast. I am now able to build complete projects single-handed where previously a small team would have been required. This already had begun to shown huge cost savings to companies that made use of my new services so far.

Acquired Programming & Scripting Languages.

JavaScript - FOCUS
React with / without Context API, Redux +Redux Router.
JavaScript ES5 / ES6 (vanilla)
NodeJS with ExpressJS
Full Stack Development
Linux Server Setup and Maintain (Ubuntu)
Apache Server
PHP (University, distinction)
OTHERS - Dormant

University Training

C++ (University)
C# .net (University, distinction)

I am also a ex-certified WordPress and WooCommerce expert. WooThemes Certified WooWorker and I worked for WooThemes, the creators of WooCommerce. For the last 10 years, I have worked and developed on the WordPress CMS, building custom plugins and debugging problems. Nowadays use WordPress for is Headless setups. A headless setup is where only the backend of the CMS is used to store, edit, update and delete data. Think of it as the management side to manage content, users, authentication and such. This works especially well if you are on a limited budget and we need to use an existing system to save on costs.