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Single Page Applications or Tools for the Web.
Mobile Application Development (iOS or Android).
Custom CMS Websites/Headless CMS & e-Commerce Stores


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Software Engineering/Development since 2011.
antondevilliers.com is a registered sole proprietary business.


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Secure, Safe and Flexible Payment Options

Accepting payment as a default Deposit & Balance settlement or per Milestone for large projects. The payment option includes an Escrow Buyer, Seller Protection. In other words the money is only released by you, once you are satisfied with the results. Either way, your money is safe through the duration of the project. All tasks and projects also included a standard 30-day warranty for any bugs or defects as an extra layer of protection to you.


Payment Options

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Local South Africa

Payment Options

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Single Page Web Applications & Tools

I build custom single-page web applications also called SPA’s. It is an application or tool that lives inside a normal webpage. Think advanced financial calculators & Website tools. Applications that interact with your customers and supply them with useful information or guide them to the correct product. Custom shopping carts that get your customer to checkout super fast than traditional methods by going from page to page.

SPA costs are less to maintain and are very stable isolated solutions. Single Page Applications is much faster than a website since it makes use of the user’s computer resources instead of the minimal available resources of a hosting server. Single Page Apps or Tools can also talk to any service or database.

If there is a feature that you need for your website or e-commerce platform that is not available, I can develop it for you.

Mobile Application Development

Development of mobile applications for Android & iOS mobile phones. Planning, Design, Coding & Launching the apps on the mobile app stores.

Depending on your budget and requirements, the mobile apps can be developed natively for Android & iOS - Compiled with Android Studio for Android and Xcode for iOS. The cheaper Alternate solution is to build web-apps, single-page applications with a framework like React, that looks, feel and perform like a real-world native app via a platform called PhoneGap. PhoneGap is a native container basket for web-apps.

Custom CMS Websites & e-Commerce Stores

I have many years of experience building custom CMS(Content Management System) Websites & e-Commerce sites for clients all over the world. This also includes custom coded features that I write for websites that are not available.

I also develop headless websites. A headless website can be a Static Site that is super fast with load times of up to one second only. It is not like a static site of the past, as these sites can still interact with a database to fetch and display data and can still perform the same functionality as a normal CMS website.

Skills & Services

JavaScript Development

Custom MVC, stateful/stateless vanilla JS-application development. Stand-alone applications or website integrated.

Cloud Applications

REACT frontend with a Node.js Server backend. Platforms include Firebase & Heroku or on a custom VPS. Development of Progressive Web Applications / Single Page Applications.

Headless WordPress / WooCommerce

REACT or Vanilla JavaScript frontend or a single application with WordPress as the backend via the WordPress REST API.

API Development

Connection to/from any API. Development of custom API's. Integration of existing API solutions like Google API's, Payment, Shipping and other services.

Mobile Applications

Mobile Application Development for iOS & Android. Plus integration of website features/functionality via mobile applications.

Transactional Mail API Development

Transactional Mail API development for MailChimp & Mailgun. Custom Dynamic(content change based on code logic) & Responsive Templates.

E-Commerce Development

Custom Developed e-Commerce systems with Secured Payment, Shipping, Accounting Integrations. E-Commerce migrations.

Custom Websites

Secure, Stable, Fast & SEO friendly Custom Developed Website. Also Super Fast Static Websites that is connected with a custom backend or a CMS like WordPress.

React Native Development
React Development Logo
JavaScript Developer
NodeJS Developer
MongoDB Developer
Express JS Developer
PHP OOP Developer
mysql Developer
Bootstrap Developer

About Me

Hi, I am Anton a Full Stack Software Developer (coding of front-ends and back-ends + APIs) from Cape Town, South Africa. I have a huge passion for web-based technologies and love to solve complex problems and automate business processes. My services are available to individuals, small businesses, companies, and agencies around the globe.  I constantly update my skills by attending courses and performing a self-study to be at the top of my game so I can implement the latest tech, best use-case, and practices for clients.

I strive to make myself always available to clients. I value and practice professionalism, honesty, and transparency at all times. I always make it a top priority to deliver quality-focused, working solutions within budget and on-time. I have the proven experience(reviews, testimonials, finished products), the commitment, and the passion to handle all your requests.


Random list of companies and small businesses I worked with over the years.
Now matter how big or small, my doors are open to everyone.

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100+ growing testimonials / reviews.


Simon Bloomhill

COO - Camelthorn Travel

We have had the privilege of working with Anton for some 6 months now. In and industry fraught with fly by night developers and designers, it has been refreshing to have found someone who is kind, accessible and has his clients best interests at heart. He is professional, skilled and diligent. I would highly recommend him for any development and web services one might have.



Club Hub - London, Ontario

I can't say enough times how grateful I am for Anton's work. He was professional, timely, courteous and above all, he went out of his way to ensure my task was completed no matter what. Thank you again and again Anton for your amazing work!


Michael Cannon

Creative Director - GOMEZ - ECOLAWYERS

Very experienced. Very thorough. Excellent communicator. Exceptional eye for detail. Anton explored every possible option and outcome and communicated multiple times per day through to completion. He went up and beyond the call to deliver. Highly recommended.


Ushi Patel


Gary Klingsheim

We had some advanced work in WooCommerce and review integrations in our WP site. Anton did a superb job. He was very responsive and took the time to explain things.


- Gary Klingsheim


Steve Levy


Anton was not only talented but relentless in making our project a success. He had great ideas and was able to meet our challenging schedule. Hope to work with him again someday soon.


Rebecca Morales


Anton took his time to really understand the project and took care to make sure that all the steps were followed as laid out. 10/10 would hire again.


Riley Dunkin


Highly professional, right on time with a specified deadline and excellent communication despite a high time zone difference. I am very happy with the work Anton has done and possibly more in the near future. 5/5 Stars


Rick Dahlgren


Anton did excellent work for us. He came up with solutions to our difficult multisite website issues. He was also patient and kind in answering all of our many questions. We enjoyed working with him!

Rachel Case

Anton was able to help solve a problem which had confounded other WordPress experts. His communication was excellent and he sorted it out quickly and professionally.

Lulu T

Strategic Solutions

I was very glad I came across Anton's services. Even though he is thousands of miles away and I was contacting him over the weekend, he promptly responded to all of my emails and provided expert help. He is highly recommendable and a delight to do business with!

Building Quality Solutions, Solving Complex Problems for clients Globally since 2011

I have been helping client's around the world with custom-developed web-based solutions which include, but not limited, web-based apps, websites, e-commerce builds, custom plugins & plugin modifications.  I still actively provide support & maintenance to clients who have made use of my services previously, many years after the first project.

  • California, USA
  • Texas, USA
  • Washington, USA
  • New York, USA
  • Illinois, USA
  • Florida, USA
  • Montana, USA
  • Colorado, USA
  • Ontario, Canada
  • London, England
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Paris, France
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Denmark
  • Iceland
  • Italy
  • New South Wales, Australia
  • Auckland, New Zealand
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Western Cape, South Africa
  • Pretoria, South Africa
  • Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Completed Projects

I have been solving problems with coded solutions (big or small) for many clients around the globe since 2011.


Projects Pre 2018

The projects below are the ones I have on record pre-2018.

These projects can include anything from complete site builds custom-developed solutions, custom plugins solutions, debugging, solving issues. Most of these past project could also be direct customers or outsourced via an agency to me.

How I take on projects
- the short version

  • Consult, Understand, Strategize

    I listen and dive into the context of your request to understand what it is exactly that you require. I also observe and make recommendations on what approach to take to complete a project for you. I make you aware of the risk of the current project and what steps we can take to avoid them, now and in the future. At the end of the day, I want to deliver a quality project that is 100% working.

  • Development, Q&A

    Your solution is been crafted.

    • The project has been researched to see what tools and solutions will fit the bill and the proof of concept has been tested.
    • Planning of the project or task.
    • Development(Coding/Programming) of the work.
    • Rigorous testing is performed to deliver a working, quality project to you.
  • Delivery of the project.

    Your working solution is delivered with a 30-day guarantee. I will deploy or implement the solution for you as required.

  • Optimization & Maintenance

    After the project is delivered I will not be running for the hills. I am still providing support to my very first clients. Every website, e-commerce store or custom project requires maintenance and optimization to keep on performing at peak performance. I present such a maintenance plan or retainer to you if required. If you do not require a retainer then you will also find it comforting that support is a Skype, Phone Call or Email away.


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Software Development Cost & Time Estimates

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My all-in-one software solution stack explained

To help the startup and small to medium business also leverage the powerful functionality and feature of what big companies use, my new software stack accommodates all clients from very small to bigger businesses. I can now deliver, stable, quick and automated solutions to help business owners grow their business and full-fill their needs. A system that is…
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