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Hi! I am Anton de Villiers. I design, architect, develop & provide support for very fast, secure, and scalable web software solutions that includes Cloud Software Applications with companion Mobile Applications, Website Tools and API Servers.

As a full-stack developer, I can perform the development of a software application on both the front end (what you see and interact with) and the back end (server and database). I have been writing software solutions, for clients around the world, since 2011.


Let me create your next project.

I will help you turn your business idea or requirement(s) into a fully functional automated cloud solution. An solution that will be fast, secure, and scalable. With every step well documented. I am fully committed to the end of every project and focus on quality with a quick deliverable time. My projects also include a maintenance retainer to provide continued support after a project or for ongoing projects.

So what do I do, in a nutshell?

I write Software Programs for the cloud that can run inside a web browser. Small to large/complex Software Applications. These applications can be accessed from anywhere in the world on any device. I also write small utility applications for current websites that are embedded inside a website known as Single Page Applications.

Furthermore, I also developed the API and Microservices to which these cloud applications or mobile applications talk as-a-service, to process information, perform calculations, generate reports, and store data in a database.

If you require a native mobile application to connect to these services or API servers, then I can develop that too. For native mobile applications, I only have to create one application that can be deployed to many different platforms including Android, iOS, or Windows to save on project costs.












React Native











Full Stack Toolbox for Full Stack Solutions

In order to create the best software applications for you, I have all the best tools at my disposal to build small and simple to large and complex application. Tools with zero restrictions or limitations.

Tools that have being used on battle proven software solutions in the field.

API ServersMicro ServicesPoint-Of-Salee-CommerceHeadless WebsitesAPI IntegrationMobile AppsSingle Page Web AppsDynamic SSR WebsiteStatic CSR Websites (CSR)Content Management Solutions

My Experiences

I have served B2B (Business to Business) in the IT sector for the last 22 years, first as a Computer Technician (2000 - 2010), then also as a Network Engineer (2003 - 2010), now as a Software Developer (2011+) all under the umbrella of my own Businesses. Delivering viable solutions to businesses by attending to their needs and solving their problems. I also have a liking and curiosity to always find ways to enhance my current client's operations, helping them move forward with latest technology and software solutions. I constantly pursue the latest trends in technology by enhancing my current skill-set, with yearly study sprints, to be on the edge of new and improved solutions.



See what my clients have to say...

We have had the privilege of working with Anton for some 6 months now. In and industry fraught with fly by night developers and designers, it has been refreshing to have found someone who is kind, accessible and has his clients best interests at heart. He is professional, skilled and diligent. I would highly recommend him for any development and web services one might have.

Simon BloomhillCOO - Camelthorn Travel

I can't say enough times how grateful I am for Anton's work. He was professional, timely, courteous and above all, he went out of his way to ensure my task was completed no matter what. Thank you again and again Anton for your amazing work!

CherylClub Hub - London, Ontario

Very experienced. Very thorough. Excellent communicator. Exceptional eye for detail. Anton explored every possible option and outcome and communicated multiple times per day through to completion. He went up and beyond the call to deliver. Highly recommended.

Michael CannonCreative Director - GOMEZ - ECOLAWYERS

Anton is very knowledgable and great at explaining technicality in a straightforward way. He's got a ton of experience. If you are wondering what to do, I recommend a consultation with Anton before you get going so you can have a clear path of work.

Ushi PatelCEO

Anton was not only talented but relentless in making our project a success. He had great ideas and was able to meet our challenging schedule. Hope to work with him again someday soon.

Steve LevyDirector

Anton took his time to really understand the project and took care to make sure that all the steps were followed as laid out. 10/10 would hire again.

Rececca MoralesDeveloper

Highly professional, right on time with a specified deadline and excellent communication despite a high time zone difference. I am very happy with the work Anton has done and possibly more in the near future. 5/5 Stars

Riley DunkinAbove Minimums

Anton did excellent work for us. He came up with solutions to our difficult multisite website issues. He was also patient and kind in answering all of our many questions. We enjoyed working with him!

Rick DahlgrenCEO

Anton was able to help solve a problem which had confounded other WordPress experts. His communication was excellent and he sorted it out quickly and professionally.

Rachel Case

Was very glad I came across Anton's services. Even though he is thousands of miles away and I was contacting him over the weekend, he promptly responded to all of my emails and provided expert help. He is highly recommendable and a delight to do business with!

Lulu TStrategic Solutions

My Services for hire

My rates are competitive and affordable. Each type of my service offerings has a different rate associated with it to give you the best value for your money. My focus is on a long term relationships. I work under the concept of full transparency & honesty. I always strive for perfection and to deliver quality work.

Development Retainer

Development for X-hours per month at reduced rates. Recommended for for bigger and complex projects where the requirements and scope oftenly changes.

Full Project Hiring

On a set price or at a per hour rate. For the projects where the scope is perfectly defined and where the budget is fixed.

Task Based Hiring

For smaller tasks that includes: Small Development, Support, Debugging, Fixes & Maintenance.

Maintenance & Support Retainer

For ongoing Support, Debugging, Fixes & Maintenance. If ongoing development is also required, it will require a separate development retainer.

Let's get started!

Tell me what you need developed or require assistance with and I will be more than happy to guide and assist you.