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Consultant & Software Developer.

e-Commerce & CMS Website expert.


I am Software Developer that specialize in website, web-based applications & e-commerce development. I provide support to clients around the world that includes North America, UK, Europe, Australia & South Africa on WordPress(CMS) and WooCommerce.

The value I provide is the process of appreciating your business, your concerns and problems to create a solution that will cut down on expenses and increase your revenue. Now you get an expert with years of experience, but also someone that understands communication, business, risk, project management, time & money sensitivity, support, and maintenance to make sure everything is in tip-top condition. Someone you can always count on and that is always available. Someone that comes with backup support(partners) and a large quality network of affiliated resources.

I would love to hear about your request, your business idea or problems. Let us first start with a quick introduction chat to see if we are a good fit for your next project.



Certified WordPress Expert. I provide custom solutions on the WordPress platform. This included customisation on existing plugins, new WordPress websites, Support & Maintenance.


I am ex-WooCommerce Support Ninja from Woothemes and provide custom development, support and maintenance on WooCommerce and WooCommerce extensions. I can also perform conversions from another e-commerce platform to WooCommerce.

My WordPress was hacked! Please help!

Please get in contact with me asap so that I can get your site back in the same condition it was, clean from any hacks and more secure. CONTACT ME

Custom Development

Your business is unique, it requires unique solutions and most plugins / extensions does not have the functionality you require to take it a step further. I am here to help and I always interested in new challenges.

Support & Maintenance

I provide support & maintenance on WordPress & WooCommerce products. I also have past experiences as a network engineer and would be happy to give you a solution to any problem or request you might have.

Website Speed Optimization

Is your website slow? I can evaluate your current site's speed and identify all the problems causing your site to be slow. After my evaluation, I can present a solution to increase the speed of your website. I have done numerous speed optimizations over the years and have successfully increased most website speed by double or triple the current site speed.

Verify your current site speed over here.

Website Security

I can perform a security evaluation of your website and present a more secure solution than your currently have. Most WordPress websites don't even have a security barrier and are vulnerable to attacks and hacks.

Theme Customization

Theme adjustments & Customization.

From PSD's to dynamic coded WordPress templates. Responsive custom styling adjustments to new and current themes. Custom build templates for custom content and or custom functionality.

Bazaar Voice Integration

Bazaarvoice integration on WordPress & WooCommerce platforms. I have a two stage system for staging and live environment.

  • Single product pages: Rating Summary, Reviews, Question & Answers.
  • Category product pages.
  • SEO integration.
  • BV Transactional Pixel to capture transactions on checkout.
  • Custom product feed XML file generator.

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  • Genesis theme framework & child theme customization or new custom themes.
  • Gravity Forms.: Complex form creation, online applications forms, contracts with integrate signatures, from a digital form to pdf / paper document & Gravity forms customization.
  • Online Learning & Teaching Platform. Integration of online learning platform to provide training, exams & grading. Complete training platforms that consists of courses, modules, lessons, quizzes, digital certificates and many more.
  • WP Job Manafer - Job listings board for WordPress. Integration of online job board listings for recruitment agencies to list jobs or a custom job board for a agency and their recruitment staff. Also custom development on solutions to transmit and receive of jobs listings to and from external services(sites).




Coding Languages

I acquired my PHP, MySQL,, C++ Certification through UNISA (University of South Africa). My main focus is on PHP & MySQL.



Scripting Languages

HTML, CSS, Javascript & jQuery



CMS & Frameworks

My main area of speciality is the WordPress platform. Through the years I have worked on many other CMS platforms like Drupal, Joomla, Prestahop and Custom MVC frameworks.



9 years e-commerce experiences, 5 years retail management, 18 years in operating and managing businesses.


Simon Bloomhill

COO - Camelthorn Travel

We have had the privilege of working with Anton for some 6 months now. In and industry fraught with fly by night developers and designers, it has been refreshing to have found someone who is kind, accessible and has his clients best interests at heart. He is professional, skilled and diligent. I would highly recommend him for any development and web services one might have.



Club Hub - London, Ontario

I can't say enough times how grateful I am for Anton's work. He was professional, timely, courteous and above all, he went out of his way to ensure my task was completed no matter what. Thank you again and again Anton for your amazing work!


Michael Cannon

Creative Director - GOMEZ - ECOLAWYERS

Very experienced. Very thorough. Excellent communicator. Exceptional eye for detail. Anton explored every possible option and outcome and communicated multiple times per day through to completion. He went up and beyond the call to deliver. Highly recommended.


Ushi Patel


Gary Klingsheim

We had some advanced work in WooCommerce and review integrations in our WP site. Anton did a superb job. He was very responsive and took the time to explain things.


- Gary Klingsheim

Lulu T

Strategic Solutions

I was very glad I came across Anton's services. Even though he is thousands of miles away and I was contacting him over the weekend, he promptly responded to all of my emails and provided expert help. He is highly recommendable and a delight to do business with!

Rachel Case

Anton was able to help solve a problem which had confounded other WordPress experts. His communication was excellent and he sorted it out quickly and professionally.

Completed Projects

2011 - 2018
Completed Tasks / Projects
Updated: 09 July 2018

Final total acquired from the number of Invoices issued for tasks or projects.

From been transparent and honest with my clients I have acquired excellent, supportive clients through the years via word of mouth.

On every new task or project I try to add as much value as possible as I don't simple just play the role of a developer. I want to act as a business partner and use my experience to take your business to the next phase.

From past business ventures, years of experience in websites and e-commerce systems, I recommend and apply the best approach to what will work and what will not to assist my clients to expand and upgrade their online presence.

Featured Work

Featured work of present & past clients. The type of worked performed included full build websites, migrations to WordPress, custom plugins, custom coding, custom style changes, support or maintenance.

Work listed below may or may not be directly linked to the website owners. Most of this work listed below was outsourced to me by digital agencies.

Bazaarvoice WordPress and WooCommerce Integration Setup

I have quite a bit of experience performing Bazaarvoice integration into a WordPress(custom posts articles, product catalog) & WooCommerce setup. I have done this setup for a couple of clients over the last two years. My code is dynamically loaded, following WordPress best practices, onto each page. Bazaarvoice will supply you with 2x Workbenches.: Staging…
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Why WordPress custom development take up to 10 times longer.

On the odd occasion, we get customers who supply us with a budget and deadline for a project upfront. ? “This can’t take more than 1 or 2 hours and it should not cost so much”. #ButWordPressIsEasy WordPress is developed and design to provide a great User Interface and User Experience. It was designed with…
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Consultations – Why is this so important?

Why a consultation is so important. I do understand why some clients do not see the value in a consultation session. It is because they don’t understand what value it could bring to the table. All they see is a risky unnecessary expense where in fact this is the single most important stage to the…
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