Please contact me if you did not find an answer to a specific question or if you have more questions? 🙂

What guarantee do I have that you will deliver a working solution?

I do not take on work that I will not be able to complete. Only once a detailed project scope is drafted will I accept with an offer. Although most of the time the client can’t find someone with the experience to take on a project that requires an expert. In this case, I will offer to help and first perform a discovery phase to establish what needs to be done to deliver a working solution.

Also, I do not sugar coat a proposal. In other words, I do not do empty promises.

What guarantee do I have that you will not disappear with my money?

I never have and never will. I do not take any money if I did not rightfully earn it. It is my reputation and career on the line and I am not about to destroy years of hard work(blood, sweat, and tears) for a bit of cash. I sleep soundly at night 🙂

To minimize the risk factor I do break down a project or task into smaller milestones.

For example, a project of $1000 could be broken down into two milestones of $500. Once a milestone is completed the next milestone can be funded.

How does your rates work?

I have different rates for different needs. My rates are based on the international standard going rate. Rates are affected by urgency & complexity.

My services can be hired for the following options.:

  • Per hour.
  • Day rate
  • Weekly rates
  • Closed Estimates. – If the budget needs to be a fixed rate.

Please get in contact with me so that I can send you my rates.


Transfers are accepted via PayPal or a Wire Transfer.

All projects require a 70% upfront deposit with a 30% payment on balance when the project is delivered.

Bookings are placed once proof of payment reflects in relevant account.

Day bookings and by the hour bookings require payment upfront in full. The reason for this is so that I can book you into an available spot in my calendar.

If the project is completed and delivered. Will you still be available for support?

Yes, of course. I will not leave you out in the cold or run for the hills. If I did the development it will take me much less time to make an adjustment or change then to go look for another developer. I like to walk a path with my clients.

What happens if I later decide to use another developer?

All my work follows best coding practices even the implementation of modules or plugins. I document any coding and also make inline notes. So if it happens that I am not available in the future, my work could easily be adopted by another developer.

My project or data is very sensitive. Can I trust you with it? NDA?

Look, I know trust is earned and that alone takes time, but when it comes to client’s new idea for a project or data they have available that is very sensitive, I make a point to keep it secure and private as far as possible and will not discuss any intellectual property or knowledge with others. No one else than me will have access to any project plan, data, login details provided by you.

If in doubt I will be happy to sign an NDA(Non-disclosure Agreement) with you.

I am technically inclined. Can you help me?

I love the technically inclined customer. I will do my best to accommodate you and guide you each step of the way and explain why A is A and B needs to be B.

I will also assist you to draw up a well-defined project scope and explain the cost with each step so that you know exactly what you are paying for and what to expect on the delivery of the project.