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My Real World e-Commerce, Brick & Mortar Experience

As a software developer and consultant with a wealth of real-world business, service delivery, and retail experience, I am well-equipped to guide you in building a successful and functional e-Commerce platform. My background in corporate sales, coupled with my experience as a network engineer, developer, and franchise owner, gives me a unique perspective on how to run and manage a business effectively.

In 2008, during the recession, I successfully turned a profit as the owner of an IT retail store while many others in the area were closing or moving away. This was due in part to my hands-on approach to managing all aspects of the business, including setting up the shop, managing stock and suppliers, handling logistics, and managing client relationships.

I have also been involved in designing and developing marketing materials, managing and maintaining websites, and designing and developing e-Commerce systems. My experience with e-Commerce systems began with designing websites for clients while still running my retail outlet. Over time, I became increasingly interested in web development and have since gained experience working with various e-Commerce platforms, including Prestashop and WooCommerce.

I am currently available to assist with setting up your first online shop or helping with an existing setup. If you require help in these areas, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I am committed to providing fair prices for my customers and am confident in my ability to help you achieve success in your e-Commerce endeavors.

Past Brick and Mortar Shop(s)

Almost all my duties, responsibilities, processes did include the following.

Setting up shop

Include design, construction, implementation of the shop interior. Building the shop furniture, that included display cabinets, tables, installation of signage and many more. Mostly with helping hands, but involved in every process.

Technical Implementation

Setting up everything, technical, from the till systems in the front of the store, to the accounting server, the phone PBX server, file servers in the back. Installation of the CCTV systems.

Managing and Involved in all areas of the business

Not just managing, but rolling up one’s sleeves and get your hands dirty.

  • Managing stock
  • Managing Suppliers
  • Orders
  • Logistics
  • Managing clients, relationships, the goals, any problems or issues, the expectations and the projects. Working closely with clients and businesses to meet their requirements.
  • Technical Support.
  • On-site Installations of Servers, CCTV systems, Networks, PC’s and peripherals.
  • Managing the accounting, finances and accounts of the businesses.
  • Design and development of marketing material. This included everything from huge teardrop flags, display signage, light boxes, vehicle signage, flyers, adds, the list goes on.
  • Working with Advertisers.
  • Designing, Development, Managing and Maintenance of the business’s websites.
  • Designing, Development, Managing and Maintenance of the shop’s e-Commerce system and Websites.

e-Commerce Experience

My experience with e-commerce systems whereas follows. It started out designing and developing a few websites for clients, while still managing a retail outlet. The more I did it, the more I got interested, the more time I started to invest in web development.

Time Line

2000 – 2007 : IT Sales & Service Delivery.

2008 – 2013 : e-Commerce & Retail experience from running own businesses. Systems of choice back then was Prestashop.

2014 – 2020 : Initially WooCommerce Support Ninja for Woothemes, now Automattic.

Then moved over to become a Certified Affiliated WooWorker, specialising in custom development of WooCommerce setups & WooCommerce plugins.

Later WooCommerce introduced an affiliated membership fee, which became insanely expensive ($5000+back on 2015) to maintain. Costs passed onto the customer, eventually. I decided to retract from their affiliation and fly solo to keep prices fair for my customers.

2020+ To this day I still support & develop e-commerce systems and continue to do so.

So if you require help in setting up your first online shop or help on an existing setup, please give me a shout. I will be more than happy to assist.