5Hour Energy Contact Forms Enhancement - FormStack API Integration_

Small JavaScript API Integration


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Innovative JavaScript app for seamless API integration with 5Hour Energy Contact Forms on WordPress via FormStack API.

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JavaScriptPHPFormStack API

Product Portfolio: 5Hour Energy Contact Form Plugin with FormStack API Integration


I developed an innovative JavaScript application, seamlessly integrated with the FormStack API, specifically designed to augment the functionality of 5Hour Energy's WordPress Contact Forms. This application, encapsulated within a user-friendly WordPress plugin, demonstrates my proficiency in JavaScript, PHP, and API integration, showcasing a tangible instance of providing efficient, sustainable solutions to real-world challenges.

Key Features

  1. Robust API Integration: I harnessed the power of the FormStack API, a popular online form builder, to facilitate a seamless interaction between the WordPress Contact Forms and the API. This end-to-end integration enhances the overall utility of the contact forms, leading to a much smoother user experience.

  2. Customized WordPress Plugin Development: The application was packaged into a compact, easily deployable WordPress plugin. This approach allows users to integrate the app with their WordPress site effortlessly, making it accessible to a wider range of users with varied technical skills.

  3. Dynamic Post Feature: The application's unique capability to POST additional fields based on specific searches to the FormStack API introduces a new level of customization. This dynamic post feature allows businesses to tailor the information gathered through their forms according to their unique needs, providing a more personalized and relevant user experience.

  4. Intelligent Display Functionality: This application has been designed to exhibit specific data depending on the search input. It helps users by presenting only the most pertinent and relevant information, enhancing the effectiveness of data presentation and user navigation.

Technologies Used

  • JavaScript: The primary language used to develop the application, enabling powerful and flexible functionality.
  • PHP: Essential for creating the WordPress plugin, bringing about the compatibility with the WordPress platform.
  • FormStack API: The core component that facilitates the interactive features of the WordPress Contact Forms.

Services Provided

  • Development: I executed all stages of development, ensuring a robust, efficient application built to the highest standards of code quality and maintainability.
  • Quality Assurance: Rigorous Q&A procedures were followed to guarantee that the application performed as intended across multiple scenarios, ensuring a reliable and stable user experience.
  • Support: Ongoing support services were provided to address any issues or questions, ensuring seamless user adoption and satisfaction.

With this product, I've demonstrated my ability to create and deliver an innovative, user-centered solution that not only meets a specific need but also elevates the overall experience of a popular platform like WordPress. The 5Hour Energy Contact Form Plugin is a testament to my dedication, technical skills, and a commitment to enhancing user experience through intelligent design and thoughtful integration.