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Add Vendor Marketplace functionality to WooCommerce/E-commerce

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I added Vendor, marketplace functionality to the client's WooCommerce store. In other words, you can have vendors that sell products on your e-Commerce shop and take a percentage commission on the sale. Exactly the same as Alibaba for example. Each vendor manages their own products, stock, & orders to name a few. You can also control what the vendors are allowed to sell and list on the shop.

Some of the Work included.:

  • Setup of Vendors extension. This included the rules and settings. It is quite a big plugin.
  • Development.: Customisation of Vendors extension.
  • Development.: Custom Dashboards for the vendors to upload their products.
  • Development: Custom shop templates for the vendor. So that each vendor has his/her own unique shop front page only * listing their products.
  • Development.: Modify existing product layout pages.
  • Login setup for the vendors.
  • Responsive Styling Development.
  • Testing and Revisions.