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Project Details_


Bazaarvoice integration for Zinus.com

Project Roles:


Project Tech:


I was tasked to implement Bazaarvoice rating sytem for Zinus.com. Zinus.com at the time was running on a WordPress site with WooCommerce as the shopping platform. Zinus specialise on shipping mattresses in a box in the United States of America.

Please Note: This project was completed in 2016.CurrentlyZinus.com has changed over to Shopify.

Project Requirements.:

  • Bazaar Voice Conversations into our existing WP Woo site.
  • This includes:
    • Product Feed,
    • Container Page Creation,
    • ROI Beacon,
    • SEO Integration,
    • adding Schema.org, and server side implementation.

My approach.:

As with all my Bazaarvoice integrations I implement my code via 3rd party plugin. It is just easier to manage and maintain. Bazaarvoice is a tricky little devil as your output code needs to follow Bazaarvoice standards else it will not work. So it requires allot of testing and adjustment to get it perfect and it needs to be perfect else they or their server(very finicky on how it receives data) will not approve the implementation.

About the tasks for this project.

  • I also created a XML export feature for the client to export all products to a XML file so that these products can be imported into the Bazaarvoice system. Each time you add new products you need to let the Bazaarvoice system know about this and that is why it requires a new import if new products is added.
  • Implementation of the Bazaarvoice API. Bazaarvoice uses JavaScript as their API.
  • Customisation of WooCommerce templates.: Single Product Page & Category Pages.
  • SEO implementation. This one is tricky as you need to implement the SEO feature if you want SEO value from your reviews when Google for example crawls your pages since JavaScript only adds the content when you visit the page and the bots can't pick this up. So it needs to be injected into your current page content via hooks.
  • Bazaarvoice has two systems. One is a Sandbox where you develop the integration and once all is good the whole integration needs to be switch over and adjusted for the live version.