WordPress e-Commerce Multisite


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WordPress e-Commerce Multisite

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Project Tech:


Problem With Current WP website. After updating our site to Wordpress 4.3.1 we have the following issue. When editing both pages and posts, we cannot switch from Visual to Text. We remain in Visual mode only. We are using the Cronus theme. We would like for you to fix this issue in this stand-alone site.

This work involved a multisite with over 300 network sites that weighed in at over 200GB.

“Anton, we appreciate what you have done to help us get this messy website back in order! You have done impressive work! The website looks very nice.”

Main Task:

  • Consultation.
  • Performed updates on their WordPress multisite.
  • Diagnostic of current issues and apply working solutions.
  • Migration to another theme framework.
  • Created new template files based on the new theme framework.
  • Needed to recreate all the widget areas. The widget appeared on certain pages based on condition rules.
  • Responsive Styling Development.: Page Templates, Header, Footer and Widget Areas.
  • MegaMenu Setup and Styling.
  • Assisted with changing out unstable plugins for better known and supported brands.

Additional Tasks:

  • Including many tasks during this period on WordPress and WooCommerce.- Additional styling or code adjustments.
  • Smaller tasks.: Setup a new 'Request-a-Quote' form and such.
  • Providing WordPress and WooCommerce Support.