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Custom FAQ Plugin

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Instead of creating a custom table(s) to store the data for each product I decided to use the existing WordPress database schema and functionality. The reason why I decided to venture via this route is to make use of the existing WordPress C.R.U.D. (Create, Read, Update and Delete) process. The current WordPress database calls are already secured and optimized and it would just add more unnecessary maintenance to create custom database calls. The second reason is that if they want to expand the features of the FAQ plugin then other plugins can tap into the current functionality and data. In short, I adapted the requirements to the way WordPress functions.

This had it challenges as you now need to think and plan according to the WordPress ecosystem. After proper planning and analyzing the outcome I find a way to use the Model number as the parent categories chained to the custom post type's taxonomy. So in return, every post you create that contains the question and answers chained to a subject is chained to the Model number(of a product) which is the parent category. By adopting this approach everything else just fell into place and it worked out quite well in the end.

My Duties for this project.:

  • Consultation Sessions.
  • Project Planning & Scoping.
  • Build a custom dashboard(WordPress Backend) to upload each product's content.
  • Build custom WordPress template files to accommodate the FAQ plugin features.
  • Responsive Styling of the plugin elements.
  • Each product can have an unlimited set of common questions with answers.
  • Products can be search via a text string or using the select box.
  • Implemented jQuery features.