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Developed a search-based app to find Surgical Doctors for a certain area in a selected country

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Software ArchitectureDevelopmentQ&ASUPPORT

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ReactPHP APIWordPressSQLGoogle Geolocation APIGoogle Map API Zip


Developed a web application where users can lookup Surgical Specialist in a given region, in a specific country.

How it works

A search can be defined via selecting a country, last name and speciality. When a search is performed a list of doctors with small overview of their info and contact details will be returned. If you are looking for a Surgeon in the states, you will be given an extra option to add a zip code to narrow down on the specific region you are located. In other words it will find all the Surgical Doctors near you.


The web application is developed with React for the frontend. This is the search app that you interact with. The backend is developed with PHP and SQL scripts.

Since the client is making use of two different WordPress Websites, I decided to build the custom API endpoints with PHP on the different servers. One client server and one master server. Both these servers would talk to one another over a custom API endpoints, and be triggered by specific events. I also decided to go this route for security reasons.

Medical Specialist, like Surgeons, would then sign up on another membership site to have their details listed. These details will be stored in the membership site’s database. Once approved, these membership would become available via the custom API endpoint I build for them. The client is free to use their membership plugin of choice to manage the memberships, as I interact with the database, where the memberships are stored directly via the server.

So, If a search is performed it would contact the host server, where the website is hosted and where the web application is running on. This server in return would make an secure API call to the membership server and run a dynamic SQL query on that server via a custom API endpoint to retrieve the payload, the list of members. Once these members is returned it will display it in a list.

When you click on a selected doctor it would open a popup window with all the details for that doctor. Before it displays the doctor’s details it would contact numerous API services to acquire the geolocation address to be displayed on a google map. I needed to make use of the Google Geolocation API, because the members address are stored as text values, namely street number, street address and so on and not as GPS coordinates that can be used instantly on a google map. By also building custom API endpoints, I could add functionality to process and rework the data so that it would be compatible and delivered in the correct format for the web application that does the display and searches.