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Image & Speed Optimisation for a WooCommerce Site: Follio

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Reduce load time of product pages on WooCommerce site.

I performed and Image- and Speed optimization for the Folio website. Since this site had hundreds of images with a total size of more than 30gb I performed to following actions.


  • Cloned the current site to a staging server.
  • On the cloned copy I a ran image optimization software to shave off the unnecessary weight of the images. These remove pixels the eye do not see so it delivers a images size much smaller. Plus I readjusted the images to be cropped and sized to the required dimensions and not use their full size when they were uploaded. For example, images that were 5mb - 7mb was now only, anything from, 80kb - 300kb's depending on their size.
  • After I was done with the image optimization I copied all the new images back to the live server via SSH. In return, the new image, still retaining its file name, overwrite the bigger original image.
  • Performed my normal speed optimization on the site to improve page load times.