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Single Page Application - Donate to a good cause with a Payment Gateway and Email Transactions.

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Project Tech:


I was task to implemented a quotation solution(SureHits) for After a form is completed it will connect with the SureHits API and collect a list of quotation available for the visitor's area(based on zip code) and then display returned quotation options, from various insurance companies, on a page.


I used the customer's current form plugin, Gravity Forms, and add a hook on the submit button. This hook is tied to custom build methods in a separate 3rd-party-plugin I created for them. The moment submit is pressed it will fire a event and call the SureHits JavaScript API and pass on the parameters collected in the form. The SureHits JavaScript API then in return will process the parameters and return HTML rendered content(quote options) to be injected on the page where the call was made.

Additional work completed for the client.

  • Redesigned their current site to look more professional.
  • Implemented a new faster, more secure and SEO friendly theme framework.
  • Migrated their current website from their current host(shared hosting) to...
  • ... a faster VPS cloud*based server.
  • Site Maintenance.:
    • Removal of unnecessary plugins & update the current plugins.
    • Security Checkup and add a firewall to WordPress.
  • Speed Optimisation.

Speed Improvement

  • Current Measured Site Speed: 2 sec

  • Previous Measured Site Speed: 19 sec

Their previous version of the site took at least 19 seconds to load. After completing my work on the site not only did it scored 93% on Pingdom, but it only took under 2 seconds to load a page! Since I am about 10000 miles away from the hosted server I expect some lag on my side, but testing closer to home resulted in under a second load time. In the end, that means the site is about 19 times faster than it previously was. Just shows you when you replace your site's current tools with the correct tools and matching it with the correct server hardware you can breath new life into a website.