NodeJS Developer_

Reward Systems: MTN, Vodacom, Cellc & Telkom


Project Details_


Contract - Developing of Subscription & Reward Based API Systems & Micro Services

Project Roles:

API DevelopmentMicro ServicesDatabase DevelopmentQ&ASUPPORTDocumentation

Project Tech:


Developing for a company that sells subscriptions based services to mobile users and also issue rewards to users that wins prices in the form of airtime or mobile data for Mobile Network Operators like MTN, Vodacom, CellC & Telkom in South Africa. As you can imagine these are huge systems that crunches millions of transactions per day and that should have a 100% uplink with all the Mobile Network Operators involved.


My responsibilities as a NodeJS Developer was to assist in developing API’s & Micro Services and assisting with API documentation and Postman testbeds.

I gained huge exposure in the following areas.:

  • Massive Data Processing that processes millions of transactions per day.
  • Many API and Micro Services that communicate with each other and how to use gRPC as a communication protocol between these services. Working with proto files and yaml setups for configurations.
  • Exposure to lots of code structure and consistency practises to be able to work in unison with a very technical development team.
  • Testing for failure points early and handling of these scenarios especially if you work with systems that processes such massive amounts of data at once.
  • PostgreSQL development on an advance level that focus on Big Data and that includes schema design, setup, partitioning & migration phases.
  • Healthchecks over cron jobs.