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Ovascience Augment Treatment New Website

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My approach.

I decided that the Genesis framework from StudioPress will be a good old faithful for this project. Not only is it a solid framework, but its well coded with good security, SEO optimize (that is already built in), but have good developer documentation available for customizations.

Tasks for this project.

  • Export all the data to CSV.
  • Modify and Import all the data back into WordPress following the WordPress database schema.
  • Custom build reusable templates.
  • Custom Fields.
  • Custom developed functionality to maintain the features from ExpressionEngine.
  • Responsive Styling Adjustments to both sites. - Required matching each design to pixel perfection.
  • Maintain the JavaScript code for augmenttreatment.com and integrated it into WordPress using WordPress best practices to enqueue JavaScript code scripts.

Project Note: I think the real challenge for me was Augment Reality. I needed to adjust the JavaScript code to be compatible with the Genesis Theme Framework plus WordPress. Augment Reality had a lot of JavaScript code(few thousand lines of it) and it was bordering complex. I also needed to make sure that it was also loaded correctly into the WordPress hook system so that there were no compatibility issues with other plugins.

In the end two sites were delivered with the exact same functionality, with the same look and feel as the previous build sites.

Additional Work. Some more features were after this project.

  • To pull in news from an external site via an RSS feed.
  • New layouts changes to current posts.