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WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Setup for nutritionsolutionslifestyle

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I performed the WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping setup for the customer to ship their products across the states. This is one of the most complex WoooCommerce plugins and took myself about one months to completely grasp its functionality when I was still working for Woothemes, the creators of WooCommerce.

Very High-level quick explanation of the functionality.:

  • Shipping Zones needs to be manually created and each Shipping Zone contains a batch of zip codes for that geolocation.
  • If a customer enters their address with their billing details, it will automatically link the correct region with the predetermined pricing-variables.
  • Items can be classified according to their weight, price and item count.
  • There are also line breaks when a certain condition called a break, that breaks out of the calculation with the current calculated shipping value and not perform any more calculations if a condition is met.
  • Then there is also you shipping class, where certain products belong to a shipping class. Based on a shipping class you can have another batch of rules and pricing.