I was task to implemented a quotation solution(SureHits) for After a form is completed it will connect with the SureHits API and collect a list of quotation available for the visitor's area(based on zip code) and then display returned quotation options, from various insurance companies, on a page.

My approach.:

I used the customer's current form plugin, Gravity Forms, and add a hook on the submit button. This hook is tied to custom build methods in a separate 3rd-party-plugin I created for them. The moment submit is pressed it will fire a event and call the SureHits JavaScript API and pass on the parameters collected in the form. The SureHits JavaScript API then in return will process the parameters and return HTML rendered content(quote options) to be injected on the page where the call was made.

More of my WordPress expertise was requested after the initial request.


Additional work completed for the client.

  • Redesigned their current site to look more professional.
  • Implemented a new faster, more secure and SEO friendly theme framework.
  • Migrated their current website from their current host(shared hosting) to...
  • ... a faster VPS cloud-based server.
  • Site Maintenance.
    • Removal of unnecessary plugins & update the current plugins.
    • Security Checkup and add a firewall to WordPress.
  • Speed Optimisation.

Speed Improvement

0 sec

Current Messured Site Speed

0 sec

Previous Messured Site Speed

Their previous version of the site took at least 19 seconds to load. After completing my work on the site not only did it scored 93% on Pingdom, but it only took under 2 seconds to load a page! Since I am about 10000 miles away from the hosted server I expect some lag on my side, but testing closer to home resulted in under a second load time. In the end, that means the site is about 19 times faster than it previously was. Just shows you when you replace your site's current tools with the correct tools and matching it with the correct server hardware you can breath new life into a website.


Steve Levy

Anton was not only talented but relentless in making our project a success. He had great ideas and was able to meet our challenging schedule. Hope to work with him again some day soon.


"Goes without saying that this has been a great experience working with you.  I know that we will continue and find new ways to work together going forward."

Ovascience & Augment Treatment

I was tasked to port both websites &, build using ExpressionEngine( to the WordPress platform.

Project Requirements.:

  • Migrate all data and functionality.
  • Maintain the current look.
  • Easy to maintain and adjust content.


My approach.:

I decided that the Genesis framework from StudioPress will be a good old faithful for this project. Not only is it a solid framework, but its well coded with good security, SEO optimize (that is already built in), but have good developer documentation available for customizations.


Tasks for this project.

  • Export all the data to CSV.
  • Modify and Import all the data back into WordPress following the WordPress database schema.
  • Custom build reusable templates.
  • Custom Fields.
  • Custom developed functionality to maintain the features from ExpressionEngine.
  • Responsive Styling Adjustments to both sites. - Required matching each design to pixel perfection.
  • Maintain the JavaScript code for and integrated it into WordPress using WordPress best practices to enqueue JavaScript code scripts.

Project Note: I think the real challenge for me was Augment Reality. I needed to adjust the JavaScript code to be compatible with the Genesis Theme Framework plus WordPress. Augment Reality had a lot of JavaScript code(few thousand lines of it) and it was bordering complex. I also needed to make sure that it was also loaded correctly into the WordPress hook system so that there were no compatibility issues with other plugins.

In the end two sites were delivered with the exact same functionality, with the same look and feel as the previous build sites.

Additional Work. Some more features were after this project.

  • To pull in news from an external site via an RSS feed.
  • New layouts changes to current posts.
Jonathan Silverman

Jonathan Silverman

I've brought Anton onboard several projects and his development skills have been invaluable. He's available to discuss project details by Skype at convenient times and he delivers solid products on time and at reasonable cost. I plan to use Anton for future projects and recommend him highly.

I was tasked to implement Bazaarvoice rating sytem for at the time was running on a WordPress site with WooCommerce as the shopping platform. Zinus specialise on shipping mattresses in a box in the United States of America.

Please Note: This project was completed in 2016. has changed over to Shopify.

Project Requirements.:

  • Bazaar Voice Conversations into our existing WP Woo site.
  • This includes:
    • Product Feed,
    • Container Page Creation,
    • ROI Beacon,
    • SEO Integration,
    • adding, and server side implementation.


My approach.:

As with all my Bazaarvoice integrations I implement my code via 3rd party plugin. It is just easier to manage and maintain. Bazaarvoice is a tricky little devil as your output code needs to follow Bazaarvoice standards else it will not work. So it requires allot of testing and adjustment to get it perfect and it needs to be perfect else they or their server(very finicky on how it receives data) will not approve the implementation.


About the tasks for this project.

  • I also created a XML export feature for the client to export all products to a XML file so that these products can be imported into the Bazaarvoice system. Each time you add new products you need to let the Bazaarvoice system know about this and that is why it requires a new import if new products is added.
  • Implementation of the Bazaarvoice API. Bazaarvoice uses JavaScript as their API.
  • Customisation of WooCommerce templates.: Single Product Page & Category Pages.
  • SEO implementation. This one is tricky as you need to implement the SEO feature if you want SEO value from your reviews when Google for example crawls your pages since JavaScript only adds the content when you visit the page and the bots can't pick this up. So it needs to be injected into your current page content via hooks.
  • Bazaarvoice has two systems. One is a Sandbox where you develop the integration and once all is good the whole integration needs to be switch over and adjusted for the live version.

Gary Klingsheim

We had some advanced work in WooCommerce and review integrations in our WP site. Anton did a superb job. He was very responsive and took the time to explain things.

01/2017 Work performed for this task.: Create new custom variables to be used on their sensei certificates since it only comes with a limited set of variables.: Sensei Certificate Customize Text. Needed to create a staging server to get a clone copy of the client setup so that my development did not affect the client’s live…
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Dynamic Mobile Dentistry

08/2015 & 01/2017 Work performed for this task.: Coding of 3x digital templates that replicated the 3x official paper versions with 100% precision. Every single field, word, text line and box(s) was coded by hand. To accommodate the data, from the form that was filled out, every box and font size needed to be measured and adjusted…
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Copy Linder Architects Mockup of Work Screenshits

Cope Linder Architects

Project Period: 03/2016 – 05/2016   Work performed for this task.: Continued Consultation, to discuss the work. Planning Process. Setup a staging server to perform the development of the new WordPress site. Export all data from PyroCMS and import it back into the new WordPress database as post types. Recreate all page layouts on newly…
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