Completed Projects

Water Contaminate Report App build for Web-based and Android platform using React & NodeJS

Front-end Description I decided that React(my ultimate new platform of choice) would be a perfect fit for this project as a lot of API calls would need to be processed and we are going to render different screens based on user interaction. A more refined app-state was also required to keep track of the current…
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single page donations app

Single Page Application – Donate to a good cause with a Payment Gateway and Email Transactions.

Front-End Description I decided to build this Single Page Application, with vanilla JavaScript ES5 & ES6 syntax, with a custom self-contained STATE. A STATE is like a memory place-holder for when you need to store data that you want to reuse. It also keeps track of login sessions. Most importantly is to keep track of…
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JavaScript App Desktop API

Small JavaScript APP, VIN number lookup for Proficient Auto Transport

There is no GO BIG or GO HOME here. I also enjoy working on small projects and cater to smaller businesses! Not just that, it is because that small client of today can be a BIG client down the road…#facts   Technical Details. Build a small basic JavaScript App that connects to an external API…
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My approach.: I used the customer’s current form plugin, Gravity Forms, and add a hook on the submit button. This hook is tied to custom build methods in a separate 3rd-party-plugin I created for them. The moment submit is pressed it will fire a event and call the SureHits JavaScript API and pass on the…
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01/2017 Work performed for this task.: Create new custom variables to be used on their sensei certificates since it only comes with a limited set of variables.: Sensei Certificate Customize Text. Needed to create a staging server to get a clone copy of the client setup so that my development did not affect the client’s live…
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Dynamic Mobile Dentistry

08/2015 & 01/2017 Work performed for this task.: Coding of 3x digital templates that replicated the 3x official paper versions with 100% precision. Every single field, word, text line and box(s) was coded by hand. To accommodate the data, from the form that was filled out, every box and font size needed to be measured and adjusted…
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Copy Linder Architects Mockup of Work Screenshits

Cope Linder Architects

Project Period: 03/2016 – 05/2016   Work performed for this task.: Continued Consultation, to discuss the work. Planning Process. Setup a staging server to perform the development of the new WordPress site. Export all data from PyroCMS and import it back into the new WordPress database as post types. Recreate all page layouts on newly…
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Ovascience & Augment Treatment

My approach.: I decided that the Genesis framework from StudioPress will be a good old faithful for this project. Not only is it a solid framework, but its well coded with good security, SEO optimize (that is already built in), but have good developer documentation available for customizations.   Tasks for this project. Export all…
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Custom FAQ plugin for RCAAV

Instead of creating a custom table(s) to store the data for each product I decided to use the existing WordPress database schema and functionality. The reason why I decided to venture via this route is to make use of the existing WordPress C.R.U.D. (Create, Read, Update and Delete) process. The current WordPress database calls are…
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Custom Changes, Updates, Diagnostic, Fixes on WordPress Multisite running WooCommerce:

02/2017 – 08/2017 This work involved a multisite with over 300 network site weighing in at over 200GB. Main Task: Consultation. Performed updates on their WordPress multisite. Diagnostic of current issues and apply working solutions. Migration to another theme framework. Created new template files based on the new theme framework. Needed to recreate all the…
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WordPress REST API to sync content –

The agency Follow, acquired my services to build them a solution that would sync content between sites for the new website. They had one master site, called national and many other slave sites, called state. Each state site represented a state in Australia. They were looking for a solution that could easily migrate data…
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Datafeedr API Customisation

Chris from approach me with a little issue they had when they update their products via the Datafeedr API. The Datafeedr API pulls in a collection of selected products into the WooCommerce store and creates and updates the products automatically. If the products are selected and a group from a list under the product sets (Datafeedr…
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Image & Speed Optimisation for a WooCommerce Site: Follio

I performed and Image- and Speed optimization for the Folio website. Since this site had hundreds of images with a total size of more than 30gb I performed to following actions. – 2 days of work. Cloned the current site to a staging server. On the cloned copy I a ran image optimization software to…
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The Christmas Project e-commerce store

Complete e-Commerce Build: The Christmas Project

This is one of many e-commerce platforms I developed from scratch. The client supplied the branding document and style guide on this one. My Duties.: Developed Custom Template files for both Desktop and Mobile. Responsive Styling Development to support all devices. Store Setup. Loading of products. Payment Gateway Setup + Testing. Shipping Gateway Setup + Testing.…
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Add Vendor Marketplace functionality to WooCommerce/E-commerce

I added Vendor, marketplace functionality to the client’s WooCommerce store. In other words, you can have vendors that sell products on your e-Commerce shop and take a percentage commission on the sale. Exactly the same as Alibaba for example. Each vendor manages their own products, stock, & orders to name a few. You can also…
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Bazaarvoice integration for

Project Requirements.: Bazaar Voice Conversations into our existing WP Woo site. This includes: Product Feed, Container Page Creation, ROI Beacon, SEO Integration, adding, and server side implementation.   My approach.: As with all my Bazaarvoice integrations I implement my code via 3rd party plugin. It is just easier to manage and maintain. Bazaarvoice is a…
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Blog Intervista – Custom WordPress Functionality Setup:

  04-2016 – 06-2016 I help the client setup her website with custom requested functionality that was developed for her site. Task: Added custom interview and survey forms that dynamically links up with each article created. Interview and survey Like feature. Custom Development.: Create a dashboard for profiles, on the frontend, so that users can…
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Rebuild Existing Custom WooCommerce Store

This was a nice challenging project. The previous developers build the front-end view and functionality completely from custom JavaScript code. Each and every page was rendered with Javascript so no current WooCommerce functionality or template files were used. WooCommerce was only used as a content management platform to host(upload) the products, process the orders, manage…
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Custom Build WordPress Website: Mr Vac

Just a simple custom build project. This work was performed via a 3rd party.   My Duties for this project.: Planning. Setup a staging environment. Developed Custom templates files for each page that can be reused by the customer. Responsive Styling Development. Adding the provided content. Testing with the customer to make sure the website…
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Custom Email Templates:

I developed the custom email templates, as per the client mockup supplied. These emails were sent from the WooCommerce Orders Management System to clients when they placed an order or completed.
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WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Setup for nutritionsolutionslifestyle

I performed the WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping setup for the customer to ship their products across the states. This is one of the most complex WoooCommerce plugins and took myself about one months to completely grasp its functionality when I was still working for Woothemes, the creators of WooCommerce. The official WooCommerce Plugin can be found…
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